Green clay face mask by Camria Beauty

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      Camria Beauty is a Black owned Canadian bath and beauty brand. Amiyra Paquette launched Camria Beauty in June of 2020 with the intent to create products that other will feel comfortable putting on their body, that will nourish and promote healthy glowing skin without an expensive price tag. Fun fact : Camria Beauty's name was created by combining her two daughter's names Camilla & Arianna. Nothing better then building a brand named after your beautiful children! 

      This dry face mask is ideal for combination, oily, and acne prone skin.

      French green clay pulls out all the oils and toxins from your skin and may help remove impurities, tighten pores, toning the skin, exfoliating dead skin cells and reducing inflammation in acne


      French green clay benefits:

      -volcanic ashes from ancient volcanoes

      -helps fight acne

      -removes impurities, pulls out toxins and oil

      -tightens pores

      -exfoliates dead skin cells

      -reduces inflammation in acne


      Seaweed powder benefits:

      -detoxifies & Nourishes Skin

      -reduces oily skin

      -promotes youthful wrinkle free skin

      -helps eczema 

      -unclogs pores

      -helps treat acne

      Green tea extract benefits:

      -contains a high content of polyphenols, rich in anti-oxidants

      -help reduce skin irritation, redness

      -diminish the signs of aging

      -decreases the appearance and occurrence of blackheads

      -eliminates dead skin, dirt & bacteria

      Always do a patch test first to make sure you are not allergic to this product.

      As each person is unique, not all ingredients will work for everyone. Keep trying out different products to find what works for you.


      French green clay, Seaweed powder, Green tea extract, Sunflower oil, Lavender essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Fragrance oil

      How to use

      Mix 1/2 tbs with 1/2 tbs of water, witch hazel, rose water, lemon juice or plain yogurt. Smooth over face and let dry for 10-20 minutes, and take it off BEFORE it is completely dry: (20 minutes or less for oily skin, 10 minutes or less for normal and combination skin, 5 minutes or less for dry skin)

      To remove the mask wash your face with warm water and a cloth. Follow up with your moisturose facial oil or any moisturizer

      Use once a week

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