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  • Scent Notes
    A well-stocked bar full of bottles of rum, whiskey, and bourbon behind a leather-topped cedarwood bar, spicy black pepper, clove, patchouli, smoky tobacco and herbal sage perfume the air, with just a hint of freshly turned earth underneath.
  • Description
      We all have a little heathen in us, and some of us are downright heathenly. Sure, the term was initially used disparagingly to denote people who don’t believe in a major religion, but times change. What’s wrong with being different, against the grain, a little weird and also fun at parties? The heathen friend is the one to instigate a good time while making you think and simultaneously laugh at the absurdity of existence and our day-to-day drudgeries. Let’s all embrace our inner heathen qualities and focus on making lives better for our fellow humans right now. No gods, no masters, only kindness and focusing on the now. And maybe some whiskey for good measure.

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