My Chaotic Little Self

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  • Scent Notes
    Pink lemonade sipped around a cherrywood bonfire.
  • Description

      You’re scrolling social media for hours every night, having slipped into some kind of algorithm that focuses on people organizing and deep cleaning their houses seemingly multiple times a week. Their drinks are always lined up with their labels out; the plastic storage containers are refilled with fresh cereal and pasta (that you watched them buy in their “Come grocery shopping with me!” video from right before this one); they have a method for washing various types of produce, and specialty cleaners for each area of their kitchen and organizers for every square inch of space. They light candles and pour prebiotic sodas before they sit down to edit their longer video about your strict nighttime and morning routines you can watch on a different platform. “Wow,” you think, shoveling chips into your mouth. “If I get all these things, I could be that organized, too.” Then you look up from your screen and take a good look around at your various piles of clothing. The pile closest to you is dirty because your two hampers are full of clean clothes you just cannot get yourself to put away properly. There are chip crumbs in your hair that you haven’t washed in … you don’t know how long. Pretty sure the fridge has some spilled Chinese food in the back and something definitely leaked sticky liquid all over the bottom shelf. Any type of morning or nighttime routine lasts until one day throws you off and then it is abandoned forever, lost to the ages. You know there are boxes of organizers in your closet that are just sitting there, unused, organizing only dust bunnies and maybe lost socks if they’re lucky. You look down and see the chip crumbs and smile. “I like my chaotic little self,” you mumble. You decide to put down your phone and take that much-needed shower to wash your hair. That’s the perfect amount of cleaning for you tonight.

      Scent Notes: Pink lemonade sipped around a cherrywood bonfire.

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