Old Soul

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You’re full of contradictions. You’re delicate, yet completely unbreakable. You're sophisticated, yet vibrating with energy. Sensitive, with a drive to fight for yourself and others. You’re an Old Soul.

Old Soul is our most exclusive perfume, made with the highest quality ingredients, blended together by our recurring guest perfumer Weston Adam to form a scent that’s both timeless and modern, classic and trendy: a modern classic come to life. The bottle is real, lead-free crystal, and weighs over a pound by itself. Our Sucreabeille logo has been laser-etched onto it, and around its neck is a chain complete with long hanging charm with a cabochon exclusive to old soul. The chain and charm can also be worn as a bracelet!

The lovely art-deco-style ball is actually the top of a wand, which you use to apply the perfume. How absolutely old fashioned, in the most decadent way. This is a luxurious perfume oil, designed to be elegant and timeless from the moment your eyes see the bottle. It also launches a new, high end side of Sucreabeille that we are so excited to explore.

Scent notes: bouquets of vibrant red roses on top of a mirrored vanity, vines of jasmine snaking around columns on a veranda in the glorious sunshine, a jar of clover honey, smoky olibanum, creamy oakmoss, and a heavenly floor covered with sandalwood

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