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The quietest member of the Suc Gang, “No Nickname” Nicki, is wanted for … actually, she’s not wanted for anything. Unlike the rest of the gang, she seems to be the most responsible person, returning stolen flamingos and shopping carts, getting Medium Dave out of the 7/11, giving Lazy Susan a giant cup of coffee to keep her from passing out on a playground, and peeling Lil’ Biscuit off the Applebee’s parking lot after a few too many $1 margaritas (and subsequent raccoon fights) at 4PM on a Tuesday. She’s the outlier of the gang, keeping everyone in line and out of more serious trouble. She was most recently seen steering the Shark away from a flock of seagulls at the beach, where the Shark was trying to attack them for mutiny. Yes. Seagulls. We aren’t quite sure how Nicki joined nor why she’s in this gang, but we’d just like to thank her for keeping their antics at a minimum level of annoyance for the public at large. 

Scent notes: A very-not mainstream blend of peonies and chai. Ginger, honey, and white musk make something delicious and... You probably haven't heard of them.

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