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  • Scent Notes
    Fresh rain falling on a garden full of coriander, thyme, galbanum, and cardamom.
  • Description
      Note: This scent is not currently available in the 1oz size. Disclaimer: Some people think astrology is bunk; others have complete faith in it. We tend to think of it as fun, and have a more lighthearted approach. Whether you hate it or love it is totally up to you, and we support your choice to love and/or hate the idea! Ah, Pisces. A true water sign down to its representative symbol, a lovely little fish, Pisceans are inherently sensitive and emotional, which is not necessarily a bad thing! Being in touch with your emotions, and the emotions of those around you, can be highly beneficial. They’re also romantic, sympathetic, dreamy, intuitive, artistic, and perhaps a touch naive about how the world actually works versus how they’d like it to work. Pisces are also adaptable, and slip through the world like a fish swimming downstream, moving with the current without boundaries or limits. We love you, Pisces; just keep on swimming and don’t let the world get you down.

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