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Potion is Elixir’s older, edgier sister. She’s the bad witch, the one who wears all black, puts her eyeliner on thick, lights her house almost exclusively with candles, dresses as Stevie Nicks for every Halloween, and would rather drink whiskey than any herbal tea blend her sister crafts (no offense, Elixir). She’s a wizard with herbs, however, and brews incredible tinctures and poultices for every type of ailment. She’s always late but nobody ever says anything because they’re afraid of her and reliant on her quick wit and incredible knowledge of seemingly everything. Her library is vast, and she’s never without a book or magazine.

Scent notes: Tahitian vanilla, cedarwood, old books, lemon balm, juicy juniper berry, fresh rosemary, sweet basil, balsam peru, bergamot.

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