Rainbow Bridge

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This scent was originally a custom blend for a lovely customer who wanted to celebrate the life of a beloved pet, and we were happy to oblige. They gave us the go-ahead to release it to the world, and we did so happily, wagging our imaginary tails.

The Rainbow Bridge is the walkway that connects us with dearly departed pets after they leave this world. Our good puppers, perfect kittens, fluffy bunnies, and whatever other purrfect baby you love wait for us until it’s our turn to join them beyond the veil, and they can walk across the bridge with us to the afterworld together, because they would never leave us behind. Omg, no, I’m not crying at all; YOU’RE crying! Okay, we’re sobbing. It’s fine. The ones who love us never really leave us; they’re just waiting at the Rainbow Bridge.

Scent Notes: A patter of paws running through a field of daisies, lavender, and sweet peas. Marshmallow clouds pass overhead. Sunflowers, warm fur, and white musk.

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