Rootbeer Pastille

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  • Scent Notes
    Old fashioned rootbeer hard candies with an herbal sassafras finish.
  • Description

      Scent Notes: Old fashioned rootbeer hard candies with an herbal sassafras finish. 

      Candy took Patty’s advice, and after a day full of candy making, took a day off for herself. The shop was closed the next day as it was Sunday. So, on Monday morning, she showed up to the shop bright and early after having two full days off for the first time in … well, she couldn’t remember how long, which meant that it had been too long. She imagined that Patty would be desperate for her own downtime, and fully intended to send the girl home early today. Imagine Candy’s surprise to walk in and find Patty surrounded by trays and trays of a sweet that Candy had never seen before. “Patty!” she exclaimed as she walked in. “What is this?”

      Patty beamed with pride. “I have created a new candy! I call it a Root Beer Pastille.” “Oh, my my, that sounds very French and sophisticated,” Candy giggled. “What spurred this creation?” “Well, I was having a root beer float down at the soda fountain yesterday afternoon, and I realized that we didn’t have anything with the flavor of root beer, and that seemed like a pity. So, I took some root beer and brought it here and made a syrup and after some trial and error I made these! I didn’t call them a lozenge because that sounded medicinal, and I’ve always dreamt of traveling far away to Paris, thus, pastilles! What do you think?” she asked Candy nervously. “Or, rather, try one and tell me how it makes you feel, since that’s the important thing.” She was scared. She’d never invented a candy before, and she had no idea what Candy’s reaction would be, but she had the idea and she went for it. That sense of daring and adventure is what she’d concentrated on while making the candies, and she hoped that she had learned enough that her own candy-making powers had progressed enough that her bit of candy magic came through. She knew she likely wasn’t as powerful as Candy, but she had some faith in her own skills. She closed her eyes and waited while Candy picked up a pastille and put it in her mouth. It felt like forever until she heard Candy say “Mmmm! This is delicious!” In reality, it had only been a couple of seconds. “It’s just like a root beer float. How ingenious! I feel so inspired and adventurous. It’s like I could board a train and run away right now, or face all my biggest fears with no worry. Is that what you were after?” Patty nodded. “Incredible! Amazing!”

      Candy was seriously impressed. Patty’s skills had developed far beyond what she could have even imagined after only a few months of work at the shop. Why hadn’t she thought of a root beer flavored candy before now? She wasn’t sure if it was the candy influencing her thoughts or her own ego, but now she was even more determined to make new flavors and go crazy with new types of sweets. “Today, we are going to be adventurous,” Candy announced. "We’re going to invent new flavors, try new things, and encourage everyone who comes in to try a sample of your new creation. We need more adventure in our lives!” Patty was beaming. “That is exactly what I wanted! I wanted everyone who eats them to feel creative, adventurous, daring. I must say, I’m very proud of what you’ve taught me so far. You’re an incredible teacher, Candy. Thank you for all you’ve given me.” They embraced in a short hug, which Candy broke apart with the words, “Let’s get to work!”

      Scent Notes: Old fashioned rootbeer hard candies with an herbal sassafras finish. 

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