Set of five Hippie Store 1ml sample vials

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  • Scent Notes
    Bloodline Scent Notes: Ruby pomegranate seeds, sticky, thick dragonsblood, swirls of red musk and rosewood. Heart's Blood Scent Notes: A spicy, beguiling blend of Egyptian musk, elemi, cassia, myrrh, cardamom, and bitter accord. And blood. Lunar Witch Scent Notes: Rich vanilla and tonka, Indian sandalwood and black oud, a drop of patchouli. Memento Mori Scent Notes: Incense, graveyard dirt and suede. Resins of dragonsblood and benzoin. Indian sandalwood and elemi essential oil. Amber, Egyptian musk and smoke, and our blood accord. Venom Scent Notes: Oud wood, smoked patchouli, coal, freshly paved tar, cedarwood.
  • Description
      That darling shop in your hometown that sold incense and candles and pretty flowy clothes with little bells. These all have echos of those sweet places. Bloodline Heart's Blood Memento Mori Venom Lunar Witch Every single fragrance we offer can be found here.

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