Set of five Seductive 1ml sample vials

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  • Scent Notes
    Afterglow Scent Notes: Dark chocolate, amber, honey. Don't Be a Lady, Be a Legend Scent Notes: Raspberry lambic with elderberry syrup, thick, resinous dragonsblood, and elegant amber spheres. Imperial Queen Scent Notes: Creamy honey nectar, pink peonies, real ylang ylang, and peach blossoms. Sky Puppy Scent Notes: Rich, dark Indian sandalwood balanced perfectly with vanilla bean, with a deep, red base of spiced resins. Wood Rose Scent Notes: Tiny wild roses blooming on the forest floor, rich, spiced rosewood, vanilla laced with patchouli and sweet resins.
  • Description
      These are our fragrances that our customers tell us seem to inspire Grownup Time. Afterglow Don't be a Lady, be a Legend Imperial Queen Sky Puppy Wood Rose Every single fragrance we offer can be found here.

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