Shut up and Take all my Money!

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We designed this scent based on popular demand in our Facebook group (which you should absolutely join if you haven’t yet). You know that feeling that rises whenever you see an indie release, or a bigger brand has a new label with references to your favorite pop culture things of the moment, or the name of a perfume just speaks to you immediately on a deep, spiritual level? And you know your credit card and bank account are going to cry because of these purchases but you just can’t stop because the world is broken and why not enjoy life and smell good while you’re stuck inside and while it’s still possible before we drown in the melted polar ice caps? Exactly. Now shut up and take my money.

Scent notes: A fist full of cash, the last glass of champagne, green tea, peppermint (like a mint? Get it?), coumarin and sassafras

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