Sparkling Cucumber Mint

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  • Scent Notes
    Crisp, sparkling cucumber and mint.
  • Description

      Note: This scent is not currently available in the 1oz size.

      Paula was in a rut, and she knew it. Since her divorce, it just kind of seemed like nothing mattered anymore. She didn’t want to be known as a “divorcee,” and she frankly felt too young to be seen that way. It hadn’t been her idea for her husband to leave her for a younger woman (a little TOO young, in Paula’s opinion). They never had children, so now it was just Paula in her new apartment, working at the same job, trying to put on a brave face as if every night wasn’t some version of a microwaveable meal for one, some kind of sparkling cocktail, and a marathon of television shows before dragging herself to bed and repeating it all the next day. Perhaps her best friend Kelsey was right; maybe she was depressed. Maybe she needed to try something different.... Click here to read the rest of the story!

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