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      You asked, we delivered. Our complete Floral collection is available now in square oil dram form! All scents are included: Calluna, Dianthus, the brand new Hyacinthus, Lonicera, Narcissus, Nerium, Paeonia, Sakura, and Tilia, together at last. A beautiful bouquet of flowers all together in one lovely collection. Gorgeous, and an absolute must-have for all floral scent lovers.

      Calluna Scent Notes: Heather, osmanthus, black Jasmine, cedarwood, white musk.

      Dianthus Scent Notes: Spicy carnation, cornflowers and jasmine, rich myrrh and elemi.

      Hyacinthus Scent Notes: A blooming hyacinth bulb in a beautiful patch of grass with a touch of warm amber.

      Lonicera Scent Notes: Rich honeysuckle, huckleberries, white musk, and tonka.

      Narcissus Scent Notes: Paper whites, daffodils, gardenias and wisteria, osmanthus and monoi tiare, cactus flower, and a hint of rain.

      Nerium Scent Notes: Oleander, narcissus, spiced chai, dirt, and leather.

      Paeonia Scent Notes: A greenhouse full of lush, pink, blooming peonies, oakmoss and grass among patches of clover and aloe in the forest.

      Sakura Scent Notes: Cherry blossoms, freesia, grapefruit, and yuzu.

      Tilia Scent Notes: Linden blossom, lotus, violets, greens and hay accord. White amber, honeycomb and rain.

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