Tesseract Collection Box

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Our Tesseract Collection is based on our love of young adult fantasy novels and odd words we love. As such, all the scents in this collection have really fantastic names: Tesseract, Portmanteau, Demesne, Bailiwick, and Neverwas, all in square oil dram form. Currently, only Tesseract is available as a single scent with an accompanying story about fourteen-year-old Mandy, whose professor mother disappears, and only she can solve the mystery of what happened to her mom. We’ll be releasing the other scents/chapters over the next few months to complete our first-ever young adult fantasy series of scents! 

Scent Notes:

Tesseract: A cloud of frothy, creamy grapefruit souffle

Neverwas: A bright guava mousse

Bailiwick: Coconut fruit and milk infused with rich, black tea. Sandalwood and milky sweetness

Portmanteau: Rich vanillas infused with cream

Demesne: Blood oranges and vanilla cream

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