The beach is gonna get whatever body I give it

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How does one acquire a “beach body”? Or a “bikini body”? Simple: take your body and put it on a beach, or in a swimsuit, or in a swimsuit on a beach. Done! Problem solved. But seriously, the beach is gonna get whatever body you give it because it has no choice in the matter! Suck it, beach; here comes the cellulite and the hairy legs. Here come the jiggly arms; the toned abs; the spider veins; the Michelle Obama totally ripped arms; the round tummies; the dry skin; the tattoos; the flat butts; the curvaceous hips; the bountiful thighs; body parts and types of every imaginable shape and size. And guess what? The beach will be fine! Everyone on the beach is too worried about their own bodies to even look at yours with anything but awe for your choice in swimwear. So, if you’re feeling stressed about having to look a certain, unattainable way in order to wear a swimsuit or show some skin at the beach, remind yourself: The Beach is Gonna Get Whatever Body I Give It. Dammit.


Scent notes: An unapologetically feminine tropical floral. Monoi tiare, pikake, frangipani, juicy lychees, and dune grass against a welcoming, salty ocean shore

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