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  • Scent Notes
    Deep vetiver, almond, a frozen snow-covered lake.
  • Description

      It wasn’t popular to visit her local botanical gardens in the winter, and that’s precisely why Lindsey went. True, most of the plants and trees were bare except for whatever was in the greenhouses, but she didn’t mind. As everyone who went either gathered in the greenhouses or waited to come at night for the Christmas light spectacular, Lindsey went during the few hours of daylight to her favorite spot: the koi pond. It was at the very back of the gardens, past several frozen decorative pools and dormant areas, past the greenhouses and the concession stand, in its own little corner. It was a large pond, lovingly cared for, with several benches around it. The pond was full of koi fish of all sizes and colors. Even in the cold, the fish were gleefully swimming without a care in the world. This was it, her near-daily moment of zen, serenity, tranquility.... Click here to read the rest of the story! 


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