Vanille Geologique boxed set of all four fragrances

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This collection of fragrances centers around exploring the diversity of expression that vanilla has to offer. In this set of Primarily natural fragrances, we’ve collaborated with our friend and extraordinary perfumer Weston Adam. He’s placed vanilla against modern takes on classical structures like the fougere, woody-aquatic, chypre and the gourmand with surprising results. Through each, vanilla remains the key player, but it is hard to imagine that any of the perfumes resemble one another. This set then is addicting while revealing - part study of vanilla, part indulgent hedonism - this set is for the perfume lover who wants a new adventure.

All four of our Vanille Geologique fragrances in a boxed set. Each fragrance is a 10ml EDP in a dropper bottle. International orders will be created with an isopropyl mistrate base.

Grotte Aquatique is an oriental chypre with a bright, sparkling lime and bergamot swirl. Thyme and oakmoss balance with coumarin to give this vanilla a harmonious, balanced structure.

You breathe in the damp forest air and surrender yourself, falling back gently into the bed of moss. Stars twinkle above you; creatures skitter nearby, crunching the fallen leaves. You are supported by the earth, safe in its nurturing arms. You almost feel like you’re floating up, away from the earth, into the bright sea of majestic starlight.

Nuances de Lumiere is an aromatic fougere centered on pure lavender with a heart of beating vanilla. Coumarin and oakmoss play with a spicy top and add a grounding earthiness.

It’s that trick of the light that makes you swear you saw something move in the dark; that moment at sunset when the light suddenly changes and what was visible moments ago vanishes. Shadows play with the light; nothing is what it appears.

Sel Noir is a woody-aquatic focusing on the pairing of sandalwood and vanilla. Pink peppercorn and salt brighten and intrigue the senses. 

The island is abandoned; waves splash without inhibition onto its white sandy shores. The sea air is tangy, salty, with a hint of sweetness. The trees sway proudly in the breeze, unafraid to dance their natural rhythms and make themselves known as the natural inhabitants. Remnants of long-ago occupants have all but vanished from view; the island has reclaimed itself. Nature always wins.

Coffre au Tresor is a spicy gourmand with a rich, intense blend of vanilla and tobacco absolutes. Ginger, cinnamon, benzoin, and beeswax add spice and intrigue. 

The chest sits in the corner of the room. Nobody knows for sure what’s inside; the ones who filled it have long since passed. Rumors abound of gold, jewels, exotic spices, coins, pearls, and so many other decadent delights. What could it contain? What couldn’t it contain? The options are endless. Which is why you’ve vowed to never open it, this coffer of possible pleasures, and live your whole life flirting with mystery and endless possibility.

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