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Note: due to the high percentage of vanilla and beeswax absolutes in this blend, you'll see the prices of this perfume are higher than normal. The vanilla orchid has had a rough time this year, leading to our suppliers charging over $350/ounce. That means that this blend will not be available in our sets of five.

You don’t have a “wild side,” you are just a wildling. You’re full of passion, always on an adventure, and always in search of the next great life experience. You aren’t odd, but you are upfront in a way that some people don’t understand. You just don’t have time to waste. Every moment spent on an unnecessary email or conversation is a moment that could be spent doing what drives you, what propels you forward into the great unknown. Change is a friend; you would never dwell on the past or stay in one place too long. Your life path is less of a forward motion than a tornado of controlled chaos propelling you all over, but you wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would we. You’re a wildling, and baby, you make our hearts sing.

Scent Notes: vanilla and beeswax absolutes, orris, coumarin and honey, clary sage and sweet benzoin resin



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