Wintergreen Freeze

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  • Scent Notes
    Tiny pastilles that melt in your mouth. A refreshing treat for a very hot day.
  • Description

      Scent Notes: Tiny pastilles that melt in your mouth. A refreshing treat for a very hot day. 

      Patty and Candy had had a long, exhausting day. The Root Beer Pastilles had turned out to be a surprise hit, particularly among the teenage girl crowd, much to their collective surprise. Apparently, all the young women in the town felt more adventurous and brave after having the candy, and felt encouraged to go after their dreams. There had been a wild creative energy that carried them throughout the afternoon as gaggles of girls passed in and out of the shop buying them out of the pastilles, then every other candy in the shop. They realized they’d have to close the shop for several days in order to restock, so they hung a sign in the window apologizing that they would be closed until further notice to restock. Patty and Candy also decided that it was the perfect time to make new candies. “I’ve been looking into wintergreen,” Candy confided to Patty as they sat with bottles of soda in the back of the shop, relaxing. “Wintergreen? Isn’t that just, like, mint?” Patty asked. 

      “On the contrary! It’s not as harsh as peppermint or spearmint; it’s much more subtle, complex, and sophisticated. It’s also very popular as a tea, which is how I first had it a few weeks ago. I thought it would make a lovely candy flavor. I just didn’t have the gall to try and make it into a candy. But now, I’m determined,” Candy said, finishing her bottle. “But for now, I’m going home and going to bed, and I suggest you do the same. We have experiments to do tomorrow!” Patty nodded, took off her apron, and headed out the door, the bell tinkling behind her. Candy, however, was revived and determined to make this candy right now. And that’s exactly how Patty found her the following morning, covered in sugar and smelling of mint. “Candy!” she exclaimed. “Did you stay here all night? Have you gotten any sleep?” Candy shook her head. “What I’ve been doing, I don’t need sleep. Here. Check this out.” She handed a small white, round hard candy to Patty, who sniffed it. “It smells like mint? Is this your wintergreen creation?” Candy nodded with excitement. “But before you try it, look at what happens when you eat it.” 

      Candy turned off the lights in the back. “What are you doing?” Patty asked, but Candy just shushed her. She popped a candy into her mouth and bit down. Patty was shocked to see sparks fly in her mouth. She practically screamed in excitement. “How did you do that?! That’s amazing!!! You really ARE magic!” Candy just smiled and chewed, small sparks flying for a minute before finally calming down. Patty was beside herself. Candy laughed for a moment and then explained. “My late husband was a chemist and fascinated by all aspects of science. Apparently, all hard candy emits some sort of light when chewing, but wintergreen oil is naturally fluorescent, so it makes the sparks far more noticeable. Something like that. I didn’t even put any intentions in while I was making it; it’s pure science that makes for pure fun. I think the children will love it, and we can teach them science at the same time. I call it: Wintergreen Freeze.” Patty was awestruck. “Well, I vote we make a *lot* of these, because I think they’re going to be immensely popular. I, for one, want to eat a bag right now!” Candy smiled. “I completely agree. They also freshen your breath, as an added bonus, though something tells me that’s not the main selling point.” Patty laughed. “No, that’s not the main selling point. Now give me six of them; I want to see how many sparks I can make!”

      Scent Notes: Tiny pastilles that melt in your mouth. A refreshing treat for a very hot day.  

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