Worryingly Arbitrary

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  • Scent Notes
    Sugared tuberose, suede and lemongrass, orris and sandalwood.
  • Description

      Note: This scent is not currently available in the 1oz bottle size.

      If you’re a fan of The Princess Bride, you might remember the King of Florin, the sweet, senile man ruling Florin with increasingly arbitrary decisions. Well, we at Suc have our own King of Florin: our lovely owner and creatrix Andrea. Some days she just wakes up and has an idea for eight new scents and no, it doesn’t matter that they came to her in a dream and require holographic labels and each one requires a 20 page story, they are happening and they’re happening NOW … until she is distracted by something shiny and/or a new pair of sweatpants. You could call the decisions Worryingly Arbitrary, or you could call them streaks of brilliance with just a hint of craziness lurking beneath the surface of the placid, smiling face. Really, though, they’re a bit of both, and we don’t mind; we’re happy to help with all decisions, arbitrary or not.

      Scent Notes: Sugared tuberose, suede and lemongrass, orris and sandalwood.

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