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  • Scent Notes
    Blood oranges and vanilla cream.
  • Description

      Make sure you've read all the chapters before this so you know what happens! Start with Tesseract, then Neverwas, then Bailiwick, then Portmanteau.

      Scent Notes: Blood oranges and vanilla cream.

      Mandy was stunned. Mr. Jones kept laughing maniacally, long after it was appropriate to stop. His face was bright red and he was wheezing, nearly on the verge of collapse. But that’s not what Mandy was concentrating on. Her own mother was crying, shaking her head, unable to look Mandy in the eye. What had Mr. Jones meant when he said her father was dead and it was her own mother’s fault? Did her mother kill her father? Was she an innocent bystander who watched him die? Did she send him into another dimension with aliens during her initial trials of traveling through the tesseract?

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