Always Darkest Before the Dawn

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Winter is always a tough time for most people, as the days are cold, dreary, and most of all, dark. Lack of sun impacts us all more than we realize. Our mental health can take a serious hit, and everyday challenges can feel insurmountable. Everything is hard. Maybe it’s not actually winter, either; maybe you’re just going through a rough patch of life where nothing seems to be working out, and you are, understandably, frustrated. No matter what’s going on, and no matter how bad things seem, you have to remember that it’s always darkest before dawn. The light is coming, even if that seems impossible right now. Trust us. The light is on its way, and better, brighter times are just ahead. Don’t give up hope! 

Scent notes: A hopeful splash of bright sparkling Valencia and blood oranges, a lull of chamomile, and a base of rosewood, basalm of peru, and a breath of patchouli

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