Blood Drunk

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Scent Notes: Juicy red fruit: pomegranate, apple, black cherry. Dark rum, dragonsblood and cherry tobacco. A hint of blood accord.

Sylvia, Giorgio, and Louisa were sitting in front of the fireplace, playing a rousing game of Life. Sylvia was in the lead, having become a doctor, gotten married, moved into a Victorian mansion, and having two sets of twins, while Giorgio kept having to pay on every square he landed on, and Louisa kept passing her turn whenever she came to a fork in the road. “I hate commitment,” she’d say with a shrug, and wave her hand at Sylvia to take her turn. 

The fire was crackling; it was a chilly autumn night. Syliva spun, and landed on a square that won her another $30,000. “This game is rigged!” Giorgio yelled. “Why do we even play this?” Sylvia shrugged. “Because we are vampires, and it’s funny if we play Life.” She took a sip from her cup, which contained the latest version of synthetic blood that they all drank. “You’re just upset because I’m as good at the game as I was at real life when I had a pulse, you big boob.” Giorgio was about to retort when the door burst open, and Claudius stormed in, his oversized jeweled goblet in his hand. “Why did you all start without me?!” he yelled, sloshing blood onto the carpet. The delightfully smoky air took on a noticeable metallic tinge. Louisa rolled her eyes as Sylvia screamed. “This carpet is hundreds of years old, I brought it here in my trunk all the way from Transylvania! You drunken oaf, clean up after yourself!” Claudius stumbled, the ostentatious jewels on the goblet reflecting and refracting the flames from the fireplace right in Giorgio’s face. Giorgio flashed his fangs at Claudius.

“You’re just mad,” Claudius said, settling down into his favorite wooden chair, “that I still prefer the real thing, and not your synthetic nonsense.” He held up his goblet and tipped the rest of the blood into his mouth. The other three groaned. “Claudius, we have two couches and a La-Z-Boy recliner right next to you. Why do you insist on sitting in that ugly, uncomfortable chair?” Louisa asked with obvious contempt.

“Because, unlike you unappreciative fools, I have a taste for the finer things in life,” Claudius answered, admiring his goblet. 

“Claudius, you are the youngest of us all; you’re barely 200. We remember the ancient times, but we’ve modernized! Some things are much better today than they were 700 years ago, when I was born,” Sylvia said on her way out the door. “Like cleaning agents for getting blood out of my FAMILY HEIRLOOM CARPET,” she yelled from the hallway. Claudius sighed, and fell into a blood drunk sleep, the goblet falling onto the floor. Louisa ran over and picked it up, then looked schemingly at Giorgio. “Want to bury all his ugly goblets in the basement, under the bodies?” she asked him. “I’ll go get the rest!” Giorgio said gleefully, and they ran off, leaving Claudius to snore in his uncomfortable chair by the fire.

Scent Notes: Juicy red fruit: pomegranate, apple, black cherry. Dark rum, dragonsblood and cherry tobacco. A hint of blood accord.

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Sucreabeille is a vegan, cruelty free brand. We do our very best to keep updated with our suppliers to keep our commitment to just generally being ethical people, but if you ever see something that needs addressing, we'd love to hear from you!

Andrea Fender, Queen Bee


Andrea started making lotions and potions in 2014, and is committed to high-quality products that are handmade. After running her own shop, she happily took over Sucreabeille in April of 2018 and absolutely loves it. Follow her on IG @shopsucreabeille, and join our community on Facebook at




Nicole Antoinette Moore, Scribe Bee



Nicole lives in Colorado and works during the day at a small publishing house. She's our social beedia expert, and she loves books, coffee, sushi, and her cat, Gomez. Feel free to follow her on IG at @atorsoboat



Amy Marie, Bee-Casso

Amy owns Journey West Design, and is responsible for all of the great art on the site. She designed Sucreabeille’s logo and labels, and continues to be an amazing support every day! You can find her at

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You can absolutely sniff your scents when they first arrive, but note that a resting period of at least a few days can make a world of difference in how a scent smells.

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