Coconut Palm

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Nothing brings to mind warm temperatures, the beach, hammocks, and relaxing quite like a palm tree, especially if it’s a palm tree full of coconuts. Nature’s hardest fruit to open and enjoy is always worth the effort expended to crack that shell open and enjoying all the deliciousness inside: the coconut water, the ripe flesh, and hey, you can use the shell as a natural cup for your pina colada! This scent is perfect when you want to be reminded of hot sunny days any time of the year, and it’s wonderful when layered with other fruit tree scents (lime in the coconut, obviously, but can we interest you in a coconut-mango combination?).

Scent Notes: Creamy coconut, swirls of black musk and vanilla, fresh green petitgrain, island beach grasses, and a hint of ocean breeze 

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