Embalming Fluid

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Preserve your body and douse yourself in our enchanting Embalming Fluid. Thankfully, ours does not smell like formaldehyde. Instead, it’s spicy, floral, herbaceous, and of course, a little dirty. Think of a fancy funeral parlor from the 1920s: decadent bunches of lilacs on every surface in gorgeous crystal vases, the petals slowly wasting away like the minutes of your life. Velvet curtains close off the viewing parlor, and everything seems just a little bit too bright when they’re closed. The mixture of scents is oddly, eerily comforting; you aren’t even disturbed knowing there’s likely many dead bodies beneath your feet, in the basement, where they do all the work.  Embalming Fluid will keep you looking perfectly preserved on the outside, even if you feel dead on the inside; aka, the perfect scent for a Monday morning, or the day after a vacation, or anytime you want to evoke that nostalgic feeling for life and all its mysteries.

Scent notes: frankincense and myrrh gathered by a wise woman, a blooming field of vibrant lilac, sweet almond, herbal dalmatian sage, soil from a freshly dug grave.

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