Codename: Garbage Dog

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Once, there was an opossum that found its way into the magical world of the Sucreabeille laboratory, where he was adopted as the official Suc mascot, named Garbage Dog, and turned into the leader of the forthcoming Trash Army by way of a friendly offering of Girl Scout Cookies. Naturally, he needed a perfume in his honor, so why not one that smells like the best cookies those Scouts have to offer: Samoas. That perfect blend of crunchy coconut, caramel, and chocolate in a bottle you can have year-round, plus, it's a morphing scent, and dries down to a lush, mossy pine. Think: sitting in a forest, having a picnic of just Samoas, the best picnic (But please, seriously, don’t eat the perfume. It does not taste as good as it smells.)

Scent notes: Samoa cookies: Chocolate, caramel and coconut; drying down to the rich loam of a mossy cedar forest floor.

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