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  • Scent Notes
    Spicy black cherry and amber.
  • Description

      Scent Notes: Spicy black cherry and amber.

      Nothing seems to be going right, does it? It’s been weeks upon weeks of exhaustion, days of glory and wonder followed by days of absolute nonsense and heartbreak. The rollercoaster of life is getting to you. Normally, you’d go full-on Sweatpants Goblin, but even that isn’t doing the trick anymore. It’s time to pull out the last resort, the only thing you can do during seasons like this. The time to go full Goblin Mode has arrived. But before you can, preparations must be made. Full-on Goblin Mode takes time and dedication, after all. It is not to be entered into lightly. 

      The first step: requesting off time from work. Thankfully you have a small bank of paid time off to use, but even if you didn’t, you’d sacrifice the payment for a few mental health days that you desperately need. Step two: a trip to the grocery store (let’s be honest, several grocery stores) to get all the snacks/food/supplies you could possibly need since you will not step foot out of your house once Goblin Mode is activated. (That’s half the point of doing it.) Step three: picking out what you’re going to indulge in. Is it the time to binge-watch several shows you’ve been meaning to catch up on, or would you rather tackle the huge to-be-read stack on your nightstand? Any hobbies/toys/activities you’ve been wishing to do but haven’t had the time? Gather what you want to do or make a list of what you want to watch/read. Step four: turn off all the devices that are not essential to Goblin Mode. Mute all group chats; log out of social media; send messages to people who normally hear from you that now is not the time to try and get you to leave the house because it is not going to happen; put your phone on airplane mode and leave the world behind. Step five: forewarning anyone else who might need to know that you will be officially away and doing absolutely nothing for anybody else while you Goblin. Let them know they have to fend for themselves; you are only responsible for making sure your own basic needs are met. 

      And now the time has officially arrived: Goblin Mode activated the moment you are done with work/responsibilities at the appointed time you already took off. Put on the comfiest clothing, queue up the show or grab the book/cross stitch/knitting/paint-by-numbers and settle under your freshly washed blankets in your favorite spot and only get up to use the bathroom and replenish your snack stash. That’s it. The outside world no longer exists; it’s just you going full-on Goblin Mode for as long as you possibly can. We salute you with our own chip-coated hair from the indent in our couch under our fluffiest blanket, fellow Goblin. Enjoy yourself.

      Scent Notes: Spicy black cherry and amber.

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