Pomegranate Tree

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  • Scent Notes
    Ruby red pomegranate seeds over vanilla ice cream.
  • Description

      Pomegranates are such a unique, special fruit. The juicy, gem-like clusters of fruit and seeds are well-hidden inside the beautiful outer husk, all of which are a gorgeous reddish purple color. (Although the color can range from a light pink to a super dark purple, because nature is awesome.) There are many myths associated with this fruit, the most famous being Persephone, goddess of the underworld, and the Greeks used this myth to explain the changing of the seasons. It’s also alluded to in the Bible, and has so many other mentions throughout time, that we feel pretty confident saying the pomegranate is an eternally favorite, and highly acclaimed, fruit. It’s tough work to get the seeds out, but their sour-sweetness is absolutely worth all the work. If you, too, have a tougher outer husk with a soft inside, or just resonate with the myth of Persephone, or even if you just love their color, we think you’ll love Pomegranate Tree.

      Scent Notes: Ruby red pomegranate seeds over vanilla ice cream.

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