Set of five Library 1ml sample vials

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  • Scent Notes
    Arsenic Scent Notes: Antique lace, gasoline, old books, fresh vanilla bean. Book Witch Scent Notes: Two vanillas, chai tea, sticky benzoin resin, white amber, and many, many old books. Byzantine Scent Notes: Many strong cups of black tea, burnt sugar, a library of old books. Lilith Fury Scent Notes: Old leatherbound books, a cup of hot chai tea, scones, and elegant cold cream. The Librarian Scent Notes: A library full of all the books in the world. The Librarian takes notes and catalogues while sipping a large mug of hot buttered rum laced with espresso. A whisper of patchouli follows her through the stacks.
  • Description
      Leather bound tomes, old paper and candlelight, cozy bookshops in the rain. The Librarian Book Witch Arsenic Lilith Fury Byzantine Every single fragrance we offer can be found here.

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