Your Mom

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RETIRED: This product has been discontinued.

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  • Scent Notes
    White leather purse with fringe, Big Red chewing gum, a touch of cherry tobacco and lifesavers, and old pennies.
  • Description
      Remember those days of discreetly opening your mom’s purse, taking out her wallet, and attempting to snag a $20 bill or two so you could go to the mall, buy more hairspray and neon tights, and hang out with your friends in the food court eating meat products on sticks? Yeah, those were the days. If that conjures a wave of nostalgia, you’re going to love Your Mom. (The scent, of course.) It’s a sensory trip straight back to the 1980s; specifically, to your mom’s purse in the 80s. It’s also just a fantastic name for a scent, let’s be honest. How badly do you want to say “Your Mom” to that nosey guy in line behind you to get into the grocery store who keeps getting within 6 feet of you to say how great and weirdly familiar you smell? “Yup, it’s Your Mom, I just got a fresh spritz of her before I left the house.” He’ll leave you alone, we promise.

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