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  • Scent Notes
    A beautiful, bittersweet blend of almond and cherry.
  • Description

      Cyanide is one of the most famous poisons on the planet. It's absolutely lethal, and yet, small amounts of it are found in everyday objects and foods, including tobacco smoke, lima beans, and almonds. Some who have sniffed it have said it smells like bitter almonds. Others have mentioned a cherry scent. Yet even more people have proclaimed it scentless, as not everyone has the ability to detect its specific scent, and not all forms of cyanide even have a scent. But our form of cyanide does indeed have a cherry-almond scent to it. 

      Cyanide is also used to make paper, plastics, and other textiles. In other words, cyanide is all around you. Is it deadly in every amount? Of course not, but that's what makes it so fascinating. There's minuscule amounts in, or that were used to make, nearly everything around you. Creepy, and also, awesome. Chances are you are absolutely fine, but maybe don't eat any apple seeds or peach pits just to be safe, okay? They also can contain trace amounts of cyanide, and it’s better to be safe than sorry with poisons. Just a friendly suggestion. And because we want to make this perfectly clear: no, this is not a bottle of *actual* cyanide! It’s perfume! (You still should refrain from ingesting it, because perfume isn’t safe to consume, either.)

      Scent Notes: A beautiful, bittersweet blend of almond and cherry.

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