Out West

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  • Scent Notes
    A gourmand swirl of honeyed chocolate with a smokey undertone of palo santo. Sandalwood, black musk, coumarin and a drop of camphor create a mysterious, dark undercurrent.
  • Description

      To read the first part of Rose’s adventure, click here

      To read the second part, click here.

      To read the third part, click here.

      To read the fourth part, click here.

      Rose sighed, and shielded her eyes to the bright morning sun by making a visor out of her hand. She gazed at the horizon in the distance. She was standing on the edge of the dock, watching Misty and her crew sail away on Misty’s latest vessel, The Gaysha. She knew Misty was likely watching her fade into the distance, and while Rose knew this was for the best, it still hurt her heart a little to know this was probably the last time she would see Misty, at least for a few years.... Click here to read the rest of the story!

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