Don't Be A Part Of The Problem. Be The Whole Problem.

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  • Scent Notes
    A dense forest of sandalwood, cherrywood, cedarwood, and Douglas fir, warm amber and vanilla, labdanum.
  • Description

      The time has come: The day you’ve been waiting for, training for your whole life, is finally here. You’ve never been more prepared. You know what to do. You slept soundly while also felt like you were awake all night, shivering with excitement. You rise and get ready, putting on your best outfit, being careful not to drip coffee or any of your breakfast on it. No spills today! You leave extra early to make sure you’re more than on time, picking up a second cup at the inside cafe while you wait, your leg shaking just a bit, your bag full of documents sitting heavily on the table. As your foot keeps tap, tap, tapping on the ground, you look up and see someone entering the building. Your eyes laser focus; your leg quiets. Time stands still. They head toward the elevators, not paying attention. Perfect. You finish your drink and head into the lobby, toward the elevators where they just disappeared, your bag hoisted over your shoulder. Others gather with you, some you recognize and give nods of recognition. The group heads into the first open elevator and it’s up to the almost-top floor. The last one off the elevator, you head down the hall, and stop to take a deep breath before heading into the room. Granted, it’s not *the* room, but it’s the behind-the-scenes room, the room where most things actually happen, away from prying public eyes. As soon as you walk in, you realize you’re the last one in. Good. They weren’t expecting you. “Oh, great, who’s this then? Another part of the problem?” the defendant’s attorney asks with a scoff and a roll of his eyes. You carefully take the bag off your shoulder and put it on the table, where it makes a decisive thump, wherein you open it to show your very carefully organized documents. The attorney’s face pales. You give him your sweetest smile as you answer with, “Oh, I’m not part of the problem. I’m the whole problem.”

      Scent Notes: A dense forest of sandalwood, cherrywood, cedarwood, and Douglas fir, warm amber and vanilla, labdanum.

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