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House Novel Collections

You may have heard: Sometimes here at Suc, we get inspired and write novels to go along with our fragrances! You'll find those in the links below, often the stories are too long to comfortably fit in a normal scent catalog. We've included the individual scents with notes on this page, just in case you'd rather stay here!

Steel Roses: A Self-Aware Fairly Tale

Briar Rose

Scent Notes: wild rose, lavender fields, a spellbound forest at night, a sprig of rosemary, cedar, freshly ground clove, bergamot.

Glass Rose

Scent Notes: white rose, white musk, white thyme, a summer rainstorm, neroli, gardenia, a perfectly ripe grapefruit, kumquat, orange blossom, neroli, red mandarin, fresh dalmatian sage.

Flame Rose

Scent Notes: wild rose, cedarwood, smoke, leather.

Blood Rose

Scent Notes: English rose, honey, sea salt, dragonsblood.

Black Rose

Scent Notes: wild rose, rich dark chocolate, fresh vanilla bean, burnt sugar, whiskey, bourbon, an old library in a dusty castle, patchouli, a cold creamsicle on a hot day, really good bacon.

Steel Rose

Scent Notes: wild rose, English rose, white rose, woodsmoke, patchouli, dragonsblood, metallic copper, metal, smoky incense.

Antiquarian: A Choose Your Own Scent Adventure

The full novel is found through the link above, short descriptions below


Scent notes: sumptuous leather, old yellowed books, pipe tobacco, soft sandalwood, white musk.


Scent Notes: Swirls of absinthe and pipe tobacco, a drop of peppermint, base of warm amber and white musk and a light feminine touch of Egyptian geranium

Fallpocalypse: A Post Apocalyptic Zombie Novel. With Fall Leaves and Shit.

These three scents are currently unavailable until next Fall. Feel free to enjoy the story until then!


House Collections

Here you'll find our house fragrances released in themed sets.

Firefly inspired collection

We made this for our love of the best show to ever be cancelled, Firefly. Full descriptions above, quick ones below!


Scent notes: white thyme, dalmation sage, sweetgrass, gunsmoke

Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal

Scent notes: palmarosa, cactus flower, yuzu, mango mango, dirt, leather

Let's Be Bad Guys

Scent notes: tobacco/vanilla, gunsmoke, leather, sandalwood


Scent notes: juniper sage, orange blossom, white tea & ginger, cherry blossom, ylang ylang, nag champa


Scent notes: golden honey, rich leather

I'll Be In My Bunk

Scent notes: Dark rich chocolate, dirt, ancient incense, black pepper

Big Damn Heroes

Scent notes: Rain, Salt Spray, Green Fig, Warm Meadow Sun


Scent notes: Grapefruit, Bergamot, White Thyme, Dalmation Sage, Black Pepper

We Aim To Misbehave

Scent notes: Rosemary, Vanilla, Amber, Honey


Scent notes: Gunmoke, Ginger, Wasabi, Dragon's Blood, Metal

I Can Kill You With My Brain

Scent notes: Amber, Tahitian vanilla, smoked patchouli, English rose, wild rose

Dr. Fantastic's Wonderment Emporium

This collection was inspired by the snake oil salesmen of the Old American West

Serpent’s Brew

Scent Notes: fresh bamboo, sweet yuzu, an old, dusty library, exotic spices from Zanzibar, smoky nag champa, ylang ylang.

All-Natural Magical Health Restorative

Scent Notes: white musk, rosemary, fresh-picked lavender, pine needles, cedarwood, bay laurel.

Majestic Miracle Tonic

Scent Notes: three types of sage: blackberry, dalmatian, and juniper, cactus flower, high octane gasoline, musty white musk.

World-Renowned Panacea

Scent Notes: real Kentucky bourbon, bay rum, pipe tobacco, bay leaf, Turkish mocha, lumps of coal.

Dr. Fantastic’s Perfect Solution

Scent Notes: a bottle of delicious merlot, freshly squeezed lime, a clover field, aloe, metallic copper, stormy midnight ocean water.

Frozen Embers: Our Game of Thrones inspired collection

For fans of the show, click the link above to get our rather involved descriptions. If you're short on time, names and scent notes with product links await below!

Margaery Tyrell

Scent Notes: a freshly popped bottle of champagne; ripe, juicy peach; crisp cotton sheets; an English rose garden; moonlight pomegranate; herbaceous sage; neroli.

Brienne the Beauty

Scent Notes: newly cut grass on a hot summer day; smoky white musk; sweet Meyer lemon; real ginger; white tea; a fresh-picked Valencia orange.


Scent Notes: rich chocolate, patchouli, freshly whipped buttercream, peasant dirt.


Scent Notes: fresh ocean air; ripe, refreshing lemon and lime; severe thunderstorms; gloomy, rainy afternoons; tears.

Iron Throne 

Scent Notes: Ancient incense burnt in a tomb of darkness; the blood of a hundred dragons; Bay Laurel; pure, raw honey.


Scent notes: white thyme, freshly ground black pepper, black jasmine, amber


Scent notes: juniper sage, neroli, patchouli, cedar planks, saffron 


Scent notes: Tahitian vanilla, juicy fig, freshly tanned leather 

Liquid Gold

Scent notes: zanzibar spice, lavender fields, bergamot black tea

The Mountain

Scent notes: amber, a pint of oatmeal stout, pure golden honey

Know Nothing

Scent notes: Pine needles, cedar planks, eucalyptus, mossy oak, fresh lemon verbena.


Scent notes: Peaty oak moss, lemon verbena, frankincense, a double shot of good bourbon, smoky sandalwood.


Scent notes: Rich, fluffy buttercream frosting, real vanilla, pure lemon.


Scent notes: Rosemary, finely grated ginger, cedarwood, fresh mahogany, teak.

Three-Eyed Raven

Scent notes: Freshly squeezed lemon, fresh lemon verbena, fancy dark chocolate

Khal Drogo

Scent notes: Supple leather, smoky sandalwood. 


Scent notes: fresh orange, spicy cinnamon, white musk, and freshly ground nutmeg.

Mother of Dragons

Scent notes: Sweet vanilla, maple butter, smoke from the village you just burnt to the ground, decadent leather.


Scent notes: Smoky meat (mmm, bacon), campfire, sweet cherry tobacco.


Scent notes: Tangy licorice, anise, smoky campfire, fresh cedarwood.

Lovely Little Deaths

This collection was inspired by our love of all things witchy, in this case, poisons! Quick shopping links and scent notes below, full descriptions all in one place above!


Scent notes: Oud wood, smoked patchouli, coal, freshly paved tar, cedarwood.


Scent notes: A freshly picked red rose, old leather, white musk.


Scent notes: antique lace, gasoline, old books, fresh vanilla bean.


Scent notes: anise, freshly ground cloves, dalmatian sage, frankincense.


Scent notes: a big glass of whiskey, sandalwood, amber, real ylang ylang.

Bloody Murder Podcast Collection

We here at Suc love two things: True crime and podcasts. The excellent folks at the award winning Bloody Murder have kindly allowed us to license their awesome artwork and provide fans with fun themed sets!

Lady Swears

Scent Notes: Bourbon, Tahitian Vanilla, Lemon

Vodka and Swearing

Scent Notes: Sedona, Juniper Sage, lemongrass, Mojito

Captain Moonlite

Scent Notes: Bourbon, Mahogany, Teak, Campfire Smoke, Dragon’s Blood

Strawberry Milkshake

Scent Notes: Fresh Strawberries, Tahitian Vanilla, Warm Honey

My Favorite Murder Podcast Collection

This was the very first true crime podcast Andrea started listening to. It's one of the best, and is often playing in the lab. Full descriptions above, quick notes below:

Stay Sexy

Scent notes: Tahitian vanilla, rich honey, fresh grapefruit

Here’s the thing: Fuck Everyone

Scent notes: Bourbon, Rich chocolate, Dark amber, touch of dirt

You’re in a Cult, Call your Dad

Scent notes: Flannel, Sedona trees, Bergamot tea, snickerdoodle cookies

Winter Collection

This collection is limited to this Winter. Full descriptions above or through the links.


Scent notes: a hot piping glass of eggnog, spiked with the finest whiskey. 

Longest Night

Scent notes: a big glass of merlot, cinnamon sticks, freshly grated nutmeg, cedarwood, pure honey, frankincense, myrrh, sweet sugar plums.

 Whispering Black

Scent notes: cedar, a cool stream in a dense forest, a sudden rainstorm, oakmoss, decaying wood.

Life Spark

Scent notes: an enormous blizzard on a cold winter’s night, a fireworks explosion.

 Frozen Moon

Scent notes: crisp winter evening air, frost, sweet sugar plum, delicious marshmallow.

House Fragrances

These are individual or pairs of scents released to stand alone. We've ordered them here by most recent release first, and included the full descriptions.



Elixir is that awesome hippy-witchy girl you knew in college who could cure hangovers with her kooky-yet-delicious breakfast smoothies, knew the name of every plant, and gave the best advice on love with her dead-on tarot card readings. She was late to every get-together, yet nobody was ever angry with her, because she always came bearing gifts: a special blend of tea she concocted just for you, or homemade cookies, or a fancy bottle of wine that nobody could pronounce. Elixir is quirky, unexpected, and completely delightful. While she’s definitely related to her sister, Potion, they are very different.

Scent notes: juicy orange blossom, white musk, sugary marshmallow, freshly-picked kumquat, a field of lavender, and a dash of bubbly, sweet champagne.



Potion is Elixir’s older, edgier sister. She’s the bad witch, the one who wears all black, puts her eyeliner on thick, lights her house almost exclusively with candles, dresses as Stevie Nicks for every Halloween, and would rather drink whiskey than any herbal tea blend her sister crafts (no offense, Elixir). She’s a wizard with herbs, however, and brews incredible tinctures and poultices for every type of ailment. She’s always late but nobody ever says anything because they’re afraid of her and reliant on her quick wit and incredible knowledge of seemingly everything. Her library is vast, and she’s never without a book or magazine.

Scent notes: Tahitian vanilla, cedarwood, old magazine, lemon balm, juicy juniper berry, fresh rosemary, sweet basil, balsam, bergamot.


Cream Tea

Cream Tea is inspired by our second-favorite caffeinated beverage: a warm mug of creamy, frothy, caffeine-injected tea. A blend of chai tea, burnt sugar, white musk, warm milk, and hot scones slathered with raspberry jam and honey, Cream Tea will make you feel warm, cozy, and secure on cold winter Mondays when you have to get out of bed and go to work and deal with the most awful thing in the world: your coworkers. We’re shuddering just thinking about it. But it's okay; Cream Tea is here to keep you positive when you'd otherwise be screaming internally since Janet can't seem to understand that she doesn't have to Reply All. She’ll never learn, but you'll smell so good, it won't even matter.

Scent notes: Hot milky chai tea, fresh scones slathered with raspberry jam and honey


Mouthy Broad

You've always been the kind of woman who makes men anxious, and you consider that one of your best qualities. Never afraid to speak up, and never willing to back down for the sake of “keeping the peace,” or “acting like a goddamn lady for once, Jesus,” you've been called a lot of names over the years, and those don't phase you either. (We won't list all the names here because a) there's too many, and b) you would think people could be more original or inventing with their insults, like, use your imagination, damn!) What are you exactly? Some may say a femme fatale, killing it in a red dress and lips to match. We’re reclaiming the idea of a Mouthy Broad: the woman who gives no shits, drinks all the whiskey, and smashes the empty bottle on the floor and screams, “Another!” This scent will bring out the Mouthy Broad in anyone, and we think that's a very good thing.

Scent notes: a cloud of cigar smoke, freshly picked roses, a full glass of whiskey

T-Minus Coffee

Are you the kind of person who absolutely *needs* their morning cup, or six, of coffee in order to function, otherwise you’re a total space cadet? Have you ever accidentally put in whole beans in your French press upon waking up? Have you ever had to kill somebody for suggesting you have tea or, God forbid, decaf? Then T-Minus Coffee is the scent you need. Think of it as another morning pick-me-up for those days when shots of espresso just don’t cut it. T-Minus Coffee will fly you to the moon.

Scent notes: freshly ground coffee (obviously), spicy black pepper, nutmeg, high octane fuel, vanilla bean, bacon sizzling on the stovetop.


Troll Food

You know what they say: don’t feed the trolls. So what are you to do when you’re out camping in nature, enjoying your life, sitting around the campfire with your friends, and a troll approaches? “Scram, troll!” your friends yell in unison. “Nobody wants you around here!”

You look over at the poor, sniveling troll, mumbling under his breath. He’s clearly cold, and desperate for some human interaction. His long nose is dripping snot; he’s shivering while mumbling about how everyone else is wrong. Rather than getting angry and stooping to his level, you decide to take the high road. “Hey, troll, come over here. Would you like a s’more?”

He stops snivelling, wipes his nose, and looks at you incredulously. “Is this a trick?” he growls.

“No, seriously, come over here. Sit down, have a s’more.”

The rest of your friends are repulsed. “What are you doing? Seriously? He’s a troll!”

You ignore them, and pat the open seat next to you. “Yes, seriously. He’s a troll, but he’s clearly starving and cold. Let him have some food and warm up.”

He begrudgingly walks over and sits next to you. The scent of toasted marshmallows and melted chocolate was too much for him to ignore. You hand him a s’more on a paper plate. He takes it, inhaling the delicious aromas, before taking a tentative bite. Everyone else is silent, watching him. He lets out a small sigh of pleasure before eating the rest of it in one big bite. Everyone laughs, delighted at the show, as the troll happily munches away.

Over the course of the night, and many more s’mores eaten over active conversation, the troll has changed. His nose has shrunk down to a normal size; he’s warmed up; he’s no longer chattering angrily or casting sidelong glances. He looks … well, he looks like a normal person!

Maybe it was the s’more, or the human interaction, or the kindness you bestowed, or a combination of all these things. All that matters, though, is that the troll has become a friend.

Scent notes: melted chocolate, toasted marshmallow, sweet honey graham cracker.



Designed with delightful creepiness in mind (hence the incredible label), this is a bit different from our usual scents. Think of this perfume as, for example, what the little old ladies in Arsenic and Old Lace or maybe a woman in a Hitchcock movie is wearing while murder is happening. Just because you smell delicious doesn’t mean you didn’t kill your cheating husband with a frozen leg of lamb and then served that lamb to the cops who came around looking for him … or does it? It’s always the ones who look the most innocent and smell the best who are secretly the most evil, including the other guests at your formerly fabulous dinner party where bodies just keep piling up.

“Everything alright?”

“Yup, two corpses, everything’s fine.”

Scent notes: Freshly cut jasmine, Egyptian geranium, oud, a lavender field, eucalyptus, a musky attic.



This is, no joke, sex in a bottle. A blend of decadent dark chocolate, sweet honey, and amber, Afterglow is delicious and sexy; the perfect scent to wear on a date, a night out, to that wedding where you know you’ll see your ex with his new lady and you want to remind him of what he's missing even though you'll never go back to that assbutt ever again, or just to the office on days when you want to feel your most confident and remind your male colleagues that you are, in fact, better at your job than they are, dammit. Who can resist someone who smells like a slutty s’more, in the best way possible? Nobody, and that’s the point. If you need to add a little excitement to your life, or just want to smell dirty and decadent at the same time, you need Afterglow. You’ll thank us in the morning.

Scent notes: Rich Dark Chocolate, Warm Honey, Dark Amber


Sea Glass

Sea Glass is the perfect beachy, summer scent. It’s a siren, washed ashore, feasting on mangos and coconuts and luring men to their demise. It’s a juicy book read discreetly on your Kindle so nobody knows why, exactly, you’re smiling so devilishly under your sunhat. It’s expensive sunscreen slathered on a lover’s back before they go take a dip in the ocean. It’s the confidence to wear that bathing suit because, yes queen, you DO look amazing.

Of course, summer doesn’t last forever. Spray this on whenever you need to feel sexy or want to pretend that you’re not stuck at your job, discreetly playing Candy Crush on your phone when your boss isn’t looking. Not that we know anything about that.

Scent notes: Juicy mango, ripe yuzu, whipped coconut cream, sea moss, pure honey from the comb, Tahitian vanilla, salty spray.


Death Unicorn

Are unicorns glittering, majestic, fantastical creatures who emit pure sunshine and poop rainbows? Or, are they death machines capable of murder with just their foreheads? Guess what: they’re BOTH! It’s this combination of innocence and evil that inspired our Death Unicorn scent, which is a perfect balance of sweet and spicy, virtuous and sassy. Fragrant lavender mixed with spicy black pepper; licorice-y anise poured over top of vanilla bean ice cream. It’s a surprising, balanced, decadent blend that will make everyone, including yourself, realize how powerful you are. Because you are powerful. And majestic. And made of pure black glitter which you can blow in people’s eyes when they piss you off.

If you wish that you could be a unicorn purely so you can stab people with your built-in head sabre after stunning them with your beauty, then you need this perfume.

Scent notes: fresh cut lavender, black anise, sweet vanilla bean, black pepper crushed under a unicorn’s horn.


Get Off Me, Nature!

Ah, summertime. Sunshine, warm weather, and spending lots of time outdoors with friends while drinking delicious (alcoholic) beverages.

But wait? What’s that noise? Ah, fuck, mosquito attack! Nothing ruins a fun day out in nature quite like bloodsucking insects, your ex included. Most bug sprays are full of chemicals and smell disgusting, but we’ve come up with a blend of essential oils that have been scientifically tested and proven to repel insects nearly as effectively as commercial chemical sprays, while still smelling good to you, a human.

Get Off Me, Nature! Is a blend of citronella, lemon eucalyptus, galangal (which is nearly as effective as DEET in similar quantities), juniper, and clove, so you’ll actually smell good while repelling mosquitos, beetles, and other unwelcome bug guests. No guarantee on protection from bloodsucking exes, however; you’ll have to take care of that yourself.

Scent Notes: galangal, clove, citronella, lemon eucalyptus, juniper berry


Papa’s Waffles

Picture it: Saturday morning, your childhood. Your dad and his impressive beard have gotten up early even though he was up late with friends, drinking and partying. He’s acquiesced to your demands for waffles, which he lovingly makes from scratch in the kitchen while drinking a strong pot of coffee. The whole house smells of baked goodness, coffee, maple, and butter. Bliss. That’s exactly what Papa’s Waffles smells like. It’s a delectable, nostalgic scent that’ll immediately transport you back to those happy, scrumptious times. Get it for your dad to thank him for putting up with your 6 AM waffle requests, or get it for yourself to relive those memories now. Or get it because your father didn’t do those things for you and you’re bitter but want to smell delicious anyway. 

Scent Notes: Fresh waffles, hot maple syrup, cozy flannel shirt, a whiff of bourbon


All of our designer dupes and scent notes are listed below. They do not have individual links, instead they are all purchased through the same listing with a dropdown menu. Click the word 'Dupes' above to go straight there. All dupes are made with our house label, with the dupe name handwritten on. 

1000 Kisses (apricot, mandarin, deep resins)

25:43 (lime, tonka bean, lemongrass, vanilla, ylang ylang and litsea)

29 High Street (lime, sandalwood, tonka, ylang ylang)

Alkmaar (jasmine, vetivert)

All Good Things (booze, candyfloss, and black pepper)

Amandopondo (rose absolute and a citrus twist of lemon and orange oils)

American Cream (vanilla, strawberry, orange, honey, sweet milk)

Angel's Delight (fruit punch)

Avobath (lime, lemongrass)

Bathos (violet, clove)

Big (salt, citrus)

Black Pearl (blackberry, lavender, chamomile, olibanum)

Breath of God (neroli, sandalwood, virginia cedar, incense, amalfi lemon, melon, rose, ylang-ylang, vetiver, grapefruit, black pepper, juniper)

Brightside (tangerine, Sicilian mandarin, bergamot, and gardenia)

Calacas / Calavera / Day of the Dead (lime, orange, neroli, olibanum)

Candy Fluff (pear, sweet notes, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry)

Celebrate (orange citrus, orange blossoms, lily, leafy greens, wood, musk)

Cinders (sweet orange, almond, cinnamon, clove)

Comforter (blackcurrant, bergamot, cypress)

Creamy Candy (raspberry bubblegum)

Death and Decay (ylang ylang, lily, rose, jasmine)

Dirty (lavender, neroli, sandalwood, oak moss, tarragon, thyme and mint)

Don't Rain On My Parade (violet leaf, vanilla infusion, cassie, sandalwood, vetiver, violet leaf, ylang ylang)

Dr. Peppermint (peppermint, spearmint, black pepper, clove, neroli, white musk)

Euphoria (grapefruit, clary sage, rose, lime and neroli)

Exhale (vetiver, musk, sandalwood, virginia cedar, amber, incense, lemon, grapefruit and juniper)

Fever (rose, jasmine, sandalwood)

Fire Tree (lemongrass, sandalwood, lemon tree, flame tree, myrtle, bergamot, ginger, orange blossom)

Floating Island (lemon, sandalwood)

Flower's Barrow (blackcurrant, geranium and rose notes blended with sage and thyme)

Flying Fox (ylang ylang, jasmine, geranium)

Furze (furze blossoms, vanilla, coconut, & neroli)

Hellstone (Cumin, vetiver, mossy stone)

Honey I Washed The Kids (honey toffee)

Ice Blue (bergamot, citrus, peppermint)

Icon (orange blossom, myrrh, bergamot, sandalwood, and mandarin)

Imogen Rose (rose, basil, bergamot, vetivert, ambrette seed, tonka, orris)

Inhale (neroli, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, melon, rose, black pepper and vetiver)

Jumping Juniper (lavender, rosemary, lemon, lime, juniper berry)

Jungle (cedarwood, rosewood, patchouli, tuberose, clove, coconut)

Karma (patchouli, dragon's blood, lavender, fir, orange, & cashmere musk)

Keep it Fluffy (White Musk, Vanilla, Ylang and Geraniol with hints of spice)

Kerbside Violet (violet leaf, jasmine, ylang ylang, rosewood)

Lady Catrina (lime, orange, neroli, olibanum)

Lord of Misrule (patchouli, black pepper, vanilla)

Lust (dirty jasmine, rose, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, sandalwood, vanilla)

Northern Lights (pine needle, cypress, lime)

Old Delhi Station (clove, ginger, pepper, patchouli, sandalwood, jasmine, cinnamon)

Olive Branch (lemon, bergamot, orange flower absolute, Sicilian mandarin)

Orange Blossom (orange blossom, mandarin)

Porridge (rolled oats, creamy caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange juice, raw syrup, woodsy patchouli)

Potion (carnation, rose, tangerine)

Prince Charming (marshmallow root, vanilla, fresh pomegranate)

Reindeer Rock (lingonberry, bergamot, cassis)

Rock Star (raspberry bubblegum)

Rose Jam (rose, geranium, lemon, tonka bean)

Sex Bomb (jasmine, clary sage, ylang ylang, violet, musk)

Sikkim Girls (frangipani, jasmine, tuberose, vanilla)

Silky Underwear (jasmine, vetivert)  

Silver Cloud (sweet orange, frankincense, gardenia)

Skinny Dip (sage, clove, violet, cedarwood)

Smuggler's Soul (sandalwood, tagetes, vetiver, lemongrass)

Snowcake (marzipan, almond, rose, cassie)

Snap the Whip (ozone, blackcurrant, orange, lemon, apple, fresh greenery, creamy vanilla)

Snow Fairy (pear, sweet notes, cotton candy, vanilla and cherry)

Snow Showers (orange citrus, orange blossoms, lily, leafy greens, wood, musk)

Soft Coeur (raw honey, chocolate, cocoa butter)

So White (raspberry, rose, apple)

Sultana (lemon, woodland strawberry, rose, lavender, ginger, rare woods, dark musk)

Supernova (orange blossom, spearmint, musk, patchouli)

Supertramp (White horehound infusion, Melissa balm, honey, sandalwood, patchouli, oakmoss absolute)

Superworld Unknown (tonka bean, vanille, cacao, black locust, cypress, petitgrain, neroli, lime, amalfi lemon, bergamot, rose, ylang-ylang, benzoin, sandalwood)

The Bug (galbanum, black pepper, cistus labdanum, sandalwood, elemi oil)

The Smell of Freedom (lemongrass, neroli, jasmine, ginger, firewood, clove, black pepper, sandalwood, oud, orris root)

The Smell of Weather Turning (oakwood, hay, beeswax, nettle, English peppermint, mint, Roman chamomile)

The Voice of Reason (A fragrance inspired by the talkers and bards of The Beat era, The Voice of Reason (tonka bean, sandalwood, espresso, whiskey, cigarettes)

Trichomania (Freshly cracked coconut with a touch of vetiver)

Truth (Fresh white musk with hints of light citrus and bergamot)

Tuca Tuca (violet, cassie, vanilla, ylang ylang, violet leaf, vetivert)

Twilight (lavender, ylang-ylang, tonka bean)

Ultraviolet (rosewood, ylang ylang, violet leaf, jasmine)

Uluru (orange, lemon, sandalwood)

V (a very old, very rare Lush perfume: clary sage, cedarwood, bergamot oil, clove, labdanum resinoid, violet leaf absolute)

Vanillary (vanilla, jasmine, lily, amber, sandalwood, musk)

Yog Nog (caramel, clove oil and soft ylang ylang, chocolate)

Yummy Yummy Yummy (strawberries, cherries, peaches, lemons, raspberries, tangerine, soft woods)

Yuzu & Cocoa (yuzu, cocoa, tonka, grapefruit, bergamot)

Ambra del Nepal (amber from Nepal, cardamom & creamy vanilla orchid)

Black Opium (coffee, pink pepper, orange blossom, jasmine, vanilla, patchouli and cedar)

Bombshell Diamonds (Orchid, Iced Hyacinth, Sparkling Grapefruit)

Juicy Couture (mandarin, watermelon, green apple, marigold, cedar, vanilla)

Kai (gardenia, white exotic florals)

Let Them Eat Cake (sugar cane, coconut milk, vanilla orchid, & white musk)

Love Spell (Cherry blossom and peach)

Pink Sugar (bergamot, orange, vanilla, caramel, woods, musk)

Shampure (bergamot, eucalyptus, lavender, orange, patchouli, petitgrain, & ylang ylang)

Spiritueuse Double Vanille (pink pepper, bergamot, incense, ylang-ylang, cedar, Bulgarian rose, jasmine, benzoin, vanilla)

Tihota (vanilla, sweet, raw and achingly desirable)

Vanilla Bean Noel (Caramel, sugar, vanilla, tonka bean, & white musk)




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